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Rico Toto Fwa Épi Sajès Invisible City Editions LP, Reissue Vinyl

Invisible City Editions LP Reissue

Mind melting synthesizers and drum machines fuse with ancient Guadeloupe Gwo-ka rhythms in this musical endeavour Rico Toto describes as “Electro-ka.” The improvised live instruments of the Moundjahka ensemble meld with electronic abstraction to create a psychedelic, immersive digital diaspora dream state.




Various Sharayet El Disco (Egyptian Disco & Boogie Cassette Tracks) Wewantsounds Compilation, LP Vinyl

Wewantsounds Compilation LP

A selection of Egyptian 80s Disco and Boogie tracks curated by Egyptian DJ Disco Arabesquo from his vast collection of cassettes. Most tracks have never been released on any other format and are making their vinyl debut with this set. A journey through the funky sound of 80s Egypt.




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