Rico Toto Fwa Épi Sajès Invisible City Editions LP, Reissue Vinyl

Invisible City Editions LP Reissue

Mind melting synthesizers and drum machines fuse with ancient Guadeloupe Gwo-ka rhythms in this musical endeavour Rico Toto describes as “Electro-ka.” The improvised live instruments of the Moundjahka ensemble meld with electronic abstraction to create a psychedelic, immersive digital diaspora dream state.




Ramzi Hyphea Music From Memory LP Vinyl

Music From Memory LP

New album by Montreal based artist Phoebé Guillemot aka RAMZi. Featuring ten mind-melting tracks ‘hyphae’ is RAMZi’s latest sonic quest and is based around sketches she originally made as a score for a documentary about mushrooms called ‘Fun Fungi’.


Valentina Magaletti A Queer Anthology Of Drum Bie LP Vinyl

Bie LP

A percussive collage of low-fi frequencies documenting a journey that never took place. Home recordings capturing Valentina’s ritualistic free-improv essence, now being presented to audiences across the world by bié Records (Chinese import).




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