Erica Tucceri, Ziggy Zeitgeist Jin Mu La Sape LP Vinyl

La Sape LP

Jin Mu is taken from the Chinese Zodiac and translates to the elements of Metal (Jin) and Wood (Mu). this is essentially the concept of this record. Tucceri plays a selection of wooden and metal flutes and Zeitgeist plays drums and cymbals. In this sense it’s a musical connection to the natural elements and spirits embodied in these instruments, offering an opportunity to tap out of the technological bombardment and allow the listener the place to reflect, to ponder, to imagine.


Bryce Hackford Cloud Holding Future Resistenza LP Vinyl

Future Resistenza LP

Cloud Holding is NYC-based Bryce Hackford’s fifth album, and first for Futura Resistenza. Seven sound sculptures are coaxed out of recorded improvisations by a group of musicians and worked into formless figures that express an always drifting presentA kind of electric koto with many traditional instrument sounds and unique pitch adjustment controls and the lyric-less utterances of the human voice, Cloud Holding traces delicate outlines in a collaborative sound world that shines with mysterious, searching affinity.




Jordan GCZ My Brain’s Brain Minimal Detroit Audio 2xLP Vinyl

Minimal Detroit Audio 2xLP

Premium solo material from Jordan CGZ (Magic Mountain High, Juju & Jordash). An unbounded trip around the producers musical universe. Sounds ranging from icy futuristic soundscapes to crunchy melodica techno workouts, other-wordly Jazz explorations to hazy rhodes washed deep house memories.




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