Record Club, Sess. 017

Butter & Cam @ Nowadays

Public Records w/ Butter & Cam

Pure Beauty Soundsystem & Silencio BK

Toribio CapicĂșa In-Store

Malik Hendricks Black Chakra Listening Party

Loud Minority @ Public Records

Record Club, Sess. 015

Sadar Bahar & Sonny Daze

Record Club, Sess. 014


A Tribute To 1979 Party

Time Tunnel

Record Club, Sess. 013

The Garden

Record Club, Sess. 012

In-store: Cactus Traxx

K-Hand, Sonny Daze + Spiritual Mental Physical

Record Club, Sess. 011

In-store: Gifted Culture

In-store: Gator Boots

Darker Than Wax

In-store: French Press Lounge

Time Tunnel

Record Club Sess. 010

Kalim Shabazz / Dailysession Release Party

DJ Monchan Razor-N-Tape Release Party

Record Club Sess. 009


High Jazz* In-store w/ Ill-Dubio

The Garden

Loud Minority

Record Club Sess. 008

Nowadays w/ Bradley Zero & Butter

Record Club Sess. 007

Tone B. Nimble & Sonny Daze (In-store)

GoBang! w/ Max Dowd & Butter

Record Club Sess. 006

Nowadays w/ Donna Leake

Derrick May & Butter @ Le Bain

Record Club Sess. 005

Crate Diggers Spotlight

Brooklyn Flea Record Fair

Nowadays w/ Cam & Butter

Record Club Sess. 004

Record Store Day 2018



Record Club Sess. 003


Record Club Sess. 002


Crashes In Love (In-Store)

Recorded live

Record Club Sess. 001


AVA. Records & Goon Room (In-Store)

Recorded live

Material (In-Store)

Recorded live

Aloha Got Soul & Darker Than Wax (In-Store)

Recorded live

Fede Lng, Baltra, tape_hiss (In-Store)

Recorded live

Seb Wildblood, Bokeh, Ben Berke (In-Store)

Recorded live