Al Zanders, Lauer A7 Edits, Vol. 4 A7 Edits 12" Vinyl

Al Zanders, Lauer

A7 Edits, Vol. 4


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There’s naturally much to enjoy on the latest volume in Africa Seven’s A7 Edits series, which pairs original – and usually obscure – old Afro-disco and Afro-boogie gems with fresh 21st century edits.

This time round, the A-side is all about Kemayo & K System’s piano and horn-heavy disco-funk jam ‘Biram’, a two-minute blast of dancefloor exuberance that Phillip Lauer cleverly re-imagines as loopy, locked-in chunk of Afro-disco/disco house fusion.

Over on the flip there’s a chance to savour Afro National’s heavy, low-slung stomper ‘Push Forward’, a cut that brilliantly adds chanted vocals and Hendrix style guitar solos to a sweaty, non-stop groove. Al Zanders does a great job in ratcheting up the tension and heaviness on his accompanying club-ready extension.