Mystery, poetry, a play of masks: artistic creation according to John Cravache. His collaboration with Versatile dates back to the beginning of the millennium. A childhood friend of I:Cube, he is 44 years old, lives in a Paris suburb, and is not a professional artist. Getting involved in writing, he has been boasting his artistic and economic independence and his crafty attitude outside of the industrial system. He gave himself time to invent a personal world, wild and funny, which eventually gave birth to the album “Cités Nomades”. Even though his influences are quite varied and avant-garde (Magma, Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits), they did not really affect this unclassifiable project. Poetry and mystery come before all, because John Cravache is appearing masked.

John Cravache and Nicolas Chaix (I:Cube) have recorded radio creations since the early 90s, in particular for Chimère FM in Paris, as well as numerous long improvised music sessions. At the approach of the millennium, they embarked on the creation of an album that was not completed until sixteen (!) years later. John is a poet, accomplished pianist, and registered truck driver and Nicolas, a self-taught musician, have both made the realisation of “Cités nomades” possible.