Dan Ryan, Ed Nine Distant Reality Groove Access 12" Vinyl

Dan Ryan, Ed Nine

Distant Reality

Groove Access is back with a split EP by Dan Ryan & Ed Nine. Dan Ryan starts off Side A with “New Home”, a super vibrant cut taking you on a deep atmospheric ride with a fulfilling bass line, groovy chords and strings programed with timeless x0x Drums. “Fuzzy Tape Dreams” is quite unique with crunchy and knocking drums crafted with smooth and hypnotizing pads, occasional piano hits and leads with minimal vocals sprinkled in. Ed Nine takes over Side B with “Another Day”, which starts off with a glowing intro followed by a punchy rhythm. The groovy feel of the track is carried throughout with simple chord hits and dreamy fillers. Lastly, “Distant Reality” is a serious groove consisting of head nodding patterns with aggressive stabs, pads, and leads that will move the dance floor.