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Fanfares opens with the wistful tribute Seven Sons of Bjorn, written by pianist Illingworth as an act of catharsis shortly after the untimely death of Esbjorn Svenson. The dreamy Last Words was written by drummer Turner and is inspired by Aphex Twin. The melancholic Unconditional is influenced by the harmonic ideas of Kenny wheeler and the Miles Davis cool school and melodic contours of Chopin, originally written by Russell as a piano ballad, Illingworth heard it and asked him to bring it to a trio rehearsal, the resulting arrangement is by all of them. The forceful title track Fanfares comes from an original idea that came to Illingworth while improvising with some ideas from the etudes of Ligeti and Einojuhani Rautavaara. Turner’s drumming adds a real bounce and vibrancy to the music that propels this piece forward. I am That was wriiten by Turner and features a lot of unusual prepared drum sounds. Akasthesia started life as a reflective bass groove written by Russell after playing with the harmonics that he was hearing played by Jaco Pastorias, Miroslav Vitous and Anders Jormin. Finally HF opens with a distinctive piano riff written by Turner and developed by Illingworth. The middle section is a free drum and bass style collective improvisation and it is this unique ability to synthesis and develop each others melodic and harmonic ideas while drawing on music from classical to electronica that makes GoGo Penguin’s music so enthralling and their debut album such a powerful opening salvo from a powerful new voice in UK music.