Governor's State University Jazz Band GSU Jazz Live! P-Vine Records LP, Reissue Vinyl

Governor's State University Jazz Band

GSU Jazz Live!

Includes a jet-black jazz-funk cover that is too killer for “Freedom Jazz Dance” that keeps the crying child silent!The world’s first LP reissue is finally one of the ultimate in the ultimate, boasting the highest destructive power / rarity among many college bands!

One of the rare groove-jazz-funk mania delights that you will never see in the market!Among the colleges where many horribly funky bands are mixed, including the Texas Kashmere Stage Band, it is regarded as a phantom work among funk-rare groove collectors as a work that stands out by one head, no, three or four. One is finally the world’s first LP reissue! Chicago is a work performed by a band of students from the Governor’s State University under the direction of Warwick L. Carter, with a cover of the masterpiece “Freedom Jazz Dance” bursting with intense breaks. Intense funk that you can’t think of as a performance of jazz-jazz-funk is full of intense content.