Ti-Fock Mafate Anitako Records LP, Reissue Vinyl




Jazz, reggae, afro and maloya fusion with great drum computer programming and synthesizer layers. First time repress from this unique record.

  • Media: NM
  • Sleeve: NM

First time repress from this unique record. The songs fuse jazz, reggae, afro and maloya. Great drumcomputer programming and synthesizer layers. Check out tracks like ‘Kom Le Long’, ‘Sokouye’, ‘Lo De’ and ‘Ou Wa La’ which are the stand outs for us.

Jean-Michel Fock, is a French singer from Reunion born in 1945. Ti’Fock’s first record was released in 1980. In 1985, Ti Fock was the first Reunionese artist under contract with a major company and became a true legend even beyond the island. Later, Ti’Fock collaborated with Danyèl Waro, who wrote the lyrics for the song Mafate for him.