Various New Tangents In Kampala, London & Nairobi 7″ Extra Soul Perception 7" Vinyl


New Tangents In Kampala, London & Nairobi 7″


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In November 2019, eight artists from Kenya, Uganda and the UK spent a week in Nairobi together exploring new tangents in music with soul.

The group consisted of Faizal Mostrixx (Ug), Hibotep (Ug), K15 (UK), Karun (Ke), Labdi (Ke), Lex Amor (UK), Lynda Dawn (UK) and Maxwell Owen (UK).

As we prepare to drop the long awaited full album next year we are releasing two tracks from the album via a 7″ vinyl release that gives a taste of what to expect from the double vinyl LP.

The New Tangents 7″ crowns a great year for ESP. following the release of Mara TK’s debut album Bad Meditation and Lynda Dawn’s Roses 7″

The first track from the 7″ features 3 of the core artists from the Nairobi & London writing camps in 2019. K15 provides a beat with a bass line so heavy it needs to be heard on a soundsystem. Lex Amor is setting the world alight at the moment and this verse adds more weight to Lex being one of the most vital and exciting voices coming out of the UK. Karun crowns the track with blissful melodies that blend and flow all over the beat.

The second A side on the 7″ was born after the lockdown hit. We decided we wanted the album to represent the time in which it was created and with lockdowns enforced around the world we decided to expand the community of musicians involved in the album project. Solaand Labdi blessed us with a soulful electronic hybrid track that combines both artists’ stunning vocals. They are perfectly complemented by Solas forward thinking futuristic production.