Speaker Wire, 9ft Pair Ojas Cable Vinyl

Speaker Wire, 9ft Pair


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Belden 9497 is something of a standard speaker wire in Japan with the horn speaker crowd, especially with jazz enthusiasts. For years I saw this twisted black and orange wire in high end showrooms like Shindo and GIP Laboratory, as well as in the pages of MJ and Stereo Sound. I went to Akihabara, the source for all audio parts, and found the wire branded in Japan as “Studio 947.” I searched far and wide for this wire back home where Belden is based and I couldn’t find any trace of it. Someone at Belden finally told me that they had a wire with the same specs but it’s referred to as 9497 in the USA. Mystery solved! I have bought spools of this wire over the years and the production varies slightly, as do the different lengths I have bought in Japan and domestically. One thing that I have found to be consistent with this wire is a pleasant, mellow sound. I’m not saying, don’t buy cables that cost thousands of dollars–that’s your prerogative. But dollars for sense these things are as safe of an investment as you can make.