K.O.G. Zone 6, Agege Pura Vida Sounds 2xLP Vinyl


Zone 6, Agege


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Zone 6 Agege – the album title, K.O.G. shares, refers to a little coastal suburb in Accra the capital of Ghana, where he “grew up and the vibe, culture and social structures enhanced and developed my creativity and love for art,” adding that the album is his “ode or a tribute to my nature, nurture and future” – is his first solo release for Heavenly Sweetness. It was recorded in November, 2020 at Yellow Arch studios (Sheffield) by David Haynes and produced by Tom Excell and Guts. Two years ago, K.O.G. released Wahala, Wahala (the album title, Swahili for trouble, or problem, also on Heavenly Sweetness) with The Zongo Brigade. Zone 6 Agege is a dramatic development: as much homage to the Accra-born artist’s musical roots, as an expansive engagement with music of the Black Atlantic, most notably hip-hop and dub/reggae.