Gen-Y Earth Experience Clone, West Coast Series 12" Vinyl


Earth Experience

Millennial dream boy Gen-Y and his twisted takes on everything! With his roots in Iran, hailing from Berlin he goes deep in, mixing up styles like it’s nothing. On this follow-up Ep to the critically acclaimed Saturn Flow Ep from 2021, he keeps it funky and upbeat! On the opener Dreamboy, he collabs with Estonian singer Maryn E. Coote and takes the dancers on a smooth ride with a touch of 80’s proto-house, electronic funk sound and vocals from Maryn’s original version. River of Light and Time Of Death are proper flowing electro-funkers while Type 0.7 and Rari Jack ft. DJ Ebhardy are proper jackin Dj favorites! Closer Kirby Step takes the term ‘funky acid’ to another level. When you make tunes that are this cool there is no need to stick to one style… just enjoy what the universe transmits to the ether and vibe along!