Placebo 1973: Balek / Phalene II P-Vine Records 7", Reissue Vinyl


1973: Balek / Phalene II


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From the second album, which further developed the concept of the previous album and sublimated it into “progressive jazz” with a complex structure, this is the world’s first reissue in the original 7″ single format released in 1973.

This is their second album, which has won high praise for its aggressive arrangements that reveal order in the midst of chaos, developing electric jazz that is as good as the original crossover musicians such as Electric Miles and Weather Report. Coupled with “Barek”, which develops from an aggressive synth bass to a funky and melodious horn section, and “Falene II”, which intertwines the divine horn sound with soft rose, the world’s first reissue of the original 7″ single specification is finally here.