Banana Moon Delphinium Blue Funnuvojere Records 12" Vinyl

Banana Moon

Delphinium Blue


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Number nine of Funnuvojere’s catalogue is signed by label founder Massimiliano Pagliara, and comes as a collaboration with CockTail d’Amore resident and Philoxenia Records founder Luigi Di Venere. Banana Moon is the name of their duo, an acronym born on a summer night walk in the south of Italy, hinting as well to the legendary 1970s Florentine Rock Club. Delphinium Blue is the title of this debut EP. A flower favoured by Derek Jarman, it evokes feelings of joy and warmth, urging us to open to new experiences. The Italo proto-house Tie Me Up sounds like a demand. An unorthodox arpeggio drives the slinky rhythm, crowded by luxurious vocals flared by cheeky claps. Breaks, a funky bass and a joyous organ characterize the Chicago neoclassic Full Service, making us the wish for a crowded dance floor under the light of the moon. On the flip the tittle track Delphinium Blue (Kabuki Mix) is a theatre of sounds inspired by Detroit techno, a genre much esteemed by Banana Moon. This track evokes a sweaty warehouse on fire with hedonistic pleasures. A proud nightingale discusses harmony with a 303 while exquisitely crafted drum patterns build up to a technologic Samba. Closing the EP Polyamory sings to interspecies love, leading us for a swim in the blue depths grasping the tail of a playful whale. While the track’s title dreams of unlimited summer love, this song confirms the duo’s unconditional passion for the Italo groove.